Openbox is a design and innovation consultancy. We empower organizations and communities to shift the way they think, build, and grow together. ideology What we do
Openbox works within organizations, groups, and communities to bridge culture and business to create shared value for
all involved.

We do this by connecting with individuals and communities through immersive research that enables us to understand, serve, and advance the critical social structures that influence
our world.

To work within complex stakeholder ecosystems, Openbox uses methodologies that draw from community development, design thinking, organizational transformation, and branding.

We engage stakeholders as active participants, working together to create the conditions and tools for people and populations to change attitudes and behaviors, enrich culture, drive performance, and support new economic models. org_model What we make
Our work comprises tools, services, and experiences for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Recent engagements include an organizational strategy for a performing arts center that instilled a culture of testing and progressive leadership; a design strategy for Makeshift Magazine that quadrupled distribution; and a feature-length documentary about creative expression in post-apartheid South Africa.
approach How we work
Our team is composed of a core of creative doers complemented by a flexible community of specialists. Together, we provide the tools and inspiration to empower.