XQ Super School Project

XQ Super School Project

The Emerson Collective called on the nation to reimagine the future of high school through its XQ Super School Project. This initiative challenged teams to envision new education models that included IQ (intellectual intelligence), EQ (emotional intelligence), and XQ—a special combination of “agile and flexible intelligence” needed for success in a rapidly changing world.

We joined forces with UKA Ventures to create a concept called “NXU,” an innovative lab school and a scalable education platform. This work included programmatic, cultural and organizational building blocks for the lab school, including brand touchpoints, short videos, a course catalog, a conceptual prototype of a learning platform and a partnership ecosystem diagram.


Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Program & Curriculum Design
Video production


This collaboration—and the resulting multimedia submission—has served as the strategic and creative foundation for NXU programming as it evolves toward development and implementation.